29 years old with Austrian and Portuguese nationality.

My name is Sylvia Pichler, I am 30 years old and I have Austrian and Portuguese nationality. I have a Language background and I speak Portuguese, English, German, French, Spanish and Czech. One day I would like to speak fluently Italian and perhaps learn Arabic or an Asian language.

Right now I am based in Porto/Portugal, but ever since I was born I have been travelling – from family relatives in Germany and Austria, to academic exchange programmes in the Czech Republic, work experiences in Belgium and Germany and regular business trips within Europe.

Travelling is and will always be my passion.

I do also have fancy tastes. Matching both is pure happiness. In this blog I invite you to take this fancy journey with me – have you ever wondered how the First Class Inca Rail to Machu Picchu looks like or want some world-class Sushi experiences in Japan? Among many other questions, The Fancy Explorer will give you an insight into the fanciest travelling experiences. In every destination I go, I always explore the fanciest and most foodie side of it and that is precisely the core of this blog and what you will find throughout my posts.

Below on the map you can see which countries I have already visited – so far 34 and the goal is to continuously increase.

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From Michelin-guide restaurants to first class train trips. Have a look at my recent travel posts.


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