If you identify yourself with the concept of The Fancy Explorer Travel Blog and envisage a partnership, there are several ways in which we can work together.

Take a look at the type of services I offer:

  • Tailor-made Content Creation

If you own a website or produce travel-related content, I can contribute to it by creating exclusive, tailor-made articles based on your profile and needs. Photos or videos may also be produced by myself.

Take a look at this article (in Portuguese) I wrote about Abrantes which was published at the Portuguese Travel Magazine Sapo Viagens in cooperation with the Portuguese Travel Bloggers  I have also written the same content in English

Another example is this article about a roadtrip to the most beautiful beaches in Alentejo. This very same article is also available on the blog in English.

  • Restaurants or Hotels Reviews

If there is a new restaurant or hotel you wish to write about, I would be delighted to visit it and write a review about my experience.

  • Tailor-made Destinations, Services or Products Promotion

If you are launching a new product, service, destination, hotel, restaurant and believe it is in line with my concept, I can help you promoting and reaching a wider audience. Again this type of promotion is completely tailor-made and will always be adapted to your profile, industry and needs.  Regardless of the type of experience you are promoting, if you decide to work with me, it will be disseminated in real time in my social networks and on the blog. Since all experiences are unique, exclusive blog posts in my blog, stories and posts on all our social media will be created within this service.

  • Personalized Travel Consultancy 

You would like to plan carefully a trip with the dedicated attention it deserves? Are you looking for an unique experience but feel overwhelmed by having to search for all the information and book all the services you need to to? Do not worry, because I can create a personalized Travel Tour for you including all the gourmet and fancy experiences you wish to have. Each client is unique and I will always elaborate a  personalized tour adapted to your wishes, after discussing it carefully. With my extensive Travel experience I can make your trip become the dream you always wished for. 

I have a dedicated page about my travel consultancy services. Click here and choose the most convenient plan for you.

  • Sponsored Posts

Do you have a product or service that believe it matches my audience? If so, a publication about it can be sponsored at the Fancy Explorer. The article will be written by me in order to allow for a sincere and real opinion for my readers. Being loyal to my followers and readers is a priority, hence I do not accept buying reviews. Every sponsored post will be referred as such.

All rates are to be discussed on an individual basis, after an analysis of your needs and what best fits your goals.

If you wish to have more information on my statistics or media kit, please feel free to ask me.

You are convinced and want to start working together?

Great, write me at info@thefancyexplorer.com

Let’s start the fancy journey together?