The ultimate guide on what to do and visit in Belgrade, capital of Serbia

What to do and visit in Belgrade, Serbia?

Serbia is perhaps of the least known countries in the Balkan region, Europe. It has quite a turbulent history and therefore tourism is a pretty recent phenomenon.

If we go back in time, from the Ottoman and Habsburg Empire and later on in the Bosnia War and Kosovo conflict, there were difficult periods for Serbia.

The country was not opened for tourism and visits were discouraged during the conflict years. Since Kosovo’s independence in 2006, situation has been stable and Serbia has been more opened to the world.

Relations between Serbia and Kosovo remain fragile, though a peace agreement has been signed.

Since 2012 Serbia has been officially considered a candidate country to the EU.

In this article, I will tell you everything you need to know to visit Belgrade, capital of Serbia.

What are the entry requirements to visit Serbia?

Serbia is an European country situated in the Balkan region, however it does not belong to the Schengen area.

For EU citizens, you can travel visa free up to 90 days with your valid ID or passport.

For other nationalities, you might want to check the exact requirements on the website of your respective Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Panorama of Belgrade, capital of Serbia

Belgrade Panorama

How to get to Belgrade, Serbia?

Depending on where in the world you are, most likely you will arrive to Belgrade by plane.

There are direct connections to Belgrade from the major European capitals with Air Serbia or low cost Wizzair. You may also need a connecting flight with Lufthansa, for example.

In my case I travelled directly from Berlin with Wizzair (1h40 flight time).

How many days do I need to visit Belgrade?

The city center of Belgrade (or Beograd in Serbian) is rather small and compact, therefore a full day will be enough to visit the major sights.

The river Sava divides the city of Belgrade into two parts: the historic center, where the most iconic sights are situated is called Starý Beograd, whereas the waterfront area, a more leisure promeade area, belongs to Nový Beograd.

You can also allow one more day to explore Belgrade Waterfront, a promenade area along the river Sava, especially if you are travelling during the Summer months.

Belgrade promenade Waterfront in Serbia

Belgrade Waterfront

What are the most famous sights in Belgrade? What to visit in Belgrade?

  • Trg Republiky: The main square, the most important meeting point in town, where you will also find the National Museum.

I would start the itinerary for day one exactly here and most of the walking tours will also start at the main square of Belgrade – Trg Republiky.

Trg Republiky, Belgrade

National Museum, Belgrade

  • Kalemegdan: The symbol of the city of Belgrade. Kalegmedan is the name of the park with views of the confluence between rivers Sava and Danube, which gathers the fortress, as well as Sahel Tower and the military museum. This entire complex is absolutely a must, since you will find here the most iconic sights of Belgrade. Right now (in February) the park is opened everyday until 8 pm.
Kalemegdan, Belgrade

Kalemegdan, Belgrade

  • Kneza Mihailo: the main shopping street of Belgrade with plenty of cafés, bars, hotels and exchange offices. In almost every corner of this street you will find beautiful Art Nouveau architecture.
Kneza Mihailo, main shopping street in Belgrade

Kneza Mihailo street in Belgrade

  • Hotel Moskvaa legendary hotel in Belgrade and still one of the most luxurious hotels. The building is absolutely impressive and you can dine and brunch here.
Hotel Moskva, Belgrade

Hotel Moskva, Belgrade

  • St. Marks Church: a beautiful Orthodox church in the Tajmadan Park. Admission is free of charge.
St Mark Church in Belgrade

St Mark Church in Belgrade

  • St Sava Cathedral: The Holy Grail of Belgrade and probably the most iconic postcard image you have seen. St Sava Cathedral is the largest Orthodox church in the Balkans and one of the largest ones in the world. The golden interior is an absolute masterpiece! I can’t still believe this jewel is free of charge!

St Sava Cathedral

St Sava Cathedral, Belgrade

Inside St Sava Cathedral in Belgrade

Inside St Sava Cathedral in Belgrade

  • Belgrade Waterfront: a beautiful promenade area along the river Sava. It is a pleasant area to stroll and bike around surrounded by cafés, restaurant and luxurious appartment blocks. You can allow it your second day. In case you are visiting Belgrade during Summer, you can even visit some of this beach areas or fishing villages. Another popular activity during the summer is to have lunch / party at a café/restaurant boat.

You can save all the places in this Google Map I created for you.

You can also take a look at the most recent Youtube video and short about Belgrade.

Where to stay in Belgrade?

The best area to stay is definitely the Old Town of Belgrade (Starý Grad).

I stayed very close to the main square (Trg Republiky) and was the best place to stay, since you are within walking distance to the main sights.

You can check here on Booking for the best accommodation options.

Best restaurants in Belgrade?

Music plays a crucial role in Serbia. Therefore, a must-have experience is a typical Serbian dinner with live music. One of the most traditional restaurants I fully recommend is Dva Jelena, in the heart of the Bohemian neighborhood of Belgrade. You can make online reservations (highly recommended).

Dva Jelena restaurant in Belgrade, Serbia

Dva Jelena restaurant in Belgrade, Serbia

Another must-have experience is to dine at a typical Kafana, places where people used to gather for coffee in the past. Nowadays are local restaurants decorated with historic objects from different historical times, which will make you travel in time. Food will be absolutely delicious and homemade!

I loved Kafana SFRJ for its amazing cuisine and panoramic view.

In Serbia meat meals are predominant. However, you will also find fish dishes, especially trout.

Kafana SFRJ, Belgrade

Kafana SFRJ, Belgrade

Rooftop bars in Belgrade

Since I visited Belgrade in February, I could not enjoy much of Belgrade’s rooftop scene.

However, I visited the rooftop bar at the Hilton Hotel Belgrade – Skylonge – and can fully recommend: great cocktails and one of the most beautiful panoramic views over Belgrade. You must book in advance if you want to dine here.

Money exchange in Belgrade

Serbia’s currency is Dinar (1 € is approximately 117 Dinars).

Around the main shopping street, you will find plenty of exchange offices.

Otherwise you can always withdraw money from an ATM or pay with your Revolut card.

In some services, you may be able to pay in Euros.

Always carry a small amount of cash for the small business and stores.

Car riding apps in Serbia

Uber or Bolt unfortunately do not work in Serbia. However, there is a similar app to Uber called Car Gowhich I fully recommend. Customer service is also very supportive and speak good English.

Serbian language

Contrary to some of its neighboring languages (Croatian, Slovene), Serbian language uses both the Cyrillic and Latin alphabet.

This means, all road names and signs will be written in Cyrillic and Latin alphabets.

Belgrade is a vibrant Balkan capital city famous for its architecture, nature and nightlife.

After so many turbulent years of history, Belgrade is now waiting for your visit!

Let me know what you thought of it and hope this guide helps you prepare your trip

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