Shopping belongs to New York, like the Eiffel tower belongs to Paris. For this reason, one of its main logos is “Shop till you drop“.

Shop till you Drop

It is also worth pointing out this article focuses on shopping in New York from an European perspective.

In New York, the city that never sleeps, you should dedicate at least 1 day of your tour to shopping.

Why shopping in New York?

  • You will find the biggest department store in the world –  Macy’s at incredible prices for some of the most loved American brands, such as Tommy Hilfiger, Levis or Guess and…with an additional 10% discount for foreigners . Last chance articles with 70%-80% discount should also be part of your selection.

Department Store Macy’s in New York

  • The clothing and brand variety is just amazing for all kinds of budget.
  • You cannot miss Victoria Secret store at the Fifth Avenue – even if you do not buy anything, customer service is just incredible, extremely attentive to details. For example: there will be an assistant picking your bras and taking your measures.
  • You are at the home of all the sports brands, such as Nike or Converse and will never have the chance of buying them at these reasonable prices.
  • Levis jeans for  €30?  It is perfectly normal and even for lower prices, if you visit any of the Levis outlets
  • For girls and hairdressers – well-known brands such as Redken for shampoos or OPI for nail polish can be bought at amazing prices (for European standards).
  • For sports lovers, American peanut butter is just incredible as well as sportswear articles.

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Where to go shopping in New York? Where are the fanciest shopping spots?

  • Macy’s – The world’s biggest department store in the world. It could take you a lifetime to explore the entire Macy’s, the good thing is anything you need, you can buy there. Beyond shopping, a wide range of food options are also available. In order to save time and enjoy this experience, I would recommend selecting the brands you like most. In my case I went straight to Levis, Guess, Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein, as these are some of my favourite American brands whose prices you will never find in Europe. Even though you can also visit their respective stores throughout the entire city, do not forget as a foreigner you can have an additional 10% discount on Macy’s.
  • Victoria Secret – especially the store at Fifth Avenue. We are all familiar with the most famous and beautiful bras in the world, however the customer service is absolutely great! Moreover, you will find a much wider selection of Victoria Secret products which you do not normally see in Europe.

Fifth Avenue – New York

  • Unfortunately the luxurious department store Barneys, founded in 1923 closed in February 2020.
  • Sports stores on Broadway, such as Adidas, Converse or Nike.
  • Makeup stores such as Bobbi Brown or MAC.
  • Hairdresser articles stores, such as Redken and for nail polish OPI: incredible prices!
  • If you want to travel back to your childhood idols, you will fall in love with Disney Store

Disney Store, Broadway, New York

  • For memorable cupcakes, nothing beats Anne’s Cupcakery – there are also very nice packages, allowing you to take some of them home.

Anne’s Cupcakery, New York

In this line of food options, my favourite Food Market Hall is Chelsea Market whose tips you can find on my previous post here

New York is an entire world and as I said previously, it is meant to be visited many times in this life. If you are looking for a wardrobe makeover, taking a shopping trip during Autumn or Spring is the ideal excuse.