Dear Fancy Travellers,

Before heading to the center of Portugal for a long fancy weekend (stay tuned, I will be posting regularly) on my Instagram account and my Facebook account, I would not leave without giving you super exciting fancy news!

One of the newest travel categories I will be adding to my blog will be Travel Partnerships. Under this category, I will be listing all the entities with which I will establish partnerships, as well as the affiliate programmes to which I belong. You will also be able to find out the reasons behind my choices and why I recommend those services/products.

You have surely seen on one of my recent Instagram stories that I mentioned Lonely Planet guides have been my favourite ones since 2009. Therefore, I could not even imagine travelblogging without being an official affiliate of Lonely Planet.

Let’s understand the reasons behind my choices:


Why do I like the Lonely Planet Travel guides? 

Some travel guides of my Lonely Planet collection

I particularly like the fact that their content is authentic and genuine and usually is written by locals or by travel journalists who have lived for quite some time in the countries/cities they write about. Furthermore, they include a wide variety of options, even fancy tips like in our case.

When have I started reading the Lonely Planet Travel guides?

I started reading and buying them in 2009. The story goes back to Prague, Czechia during my Erasmus period (I mention it on my Prague post).

I was about to leave for a trip around Slovenia and went to Neoluxor bookshop in Prague to enjoy my 10% student discount on a travel guide. Of course I could only buy in English or German, since my Czech skills are limited.

At this bookshop in 2009, the only English-speaking travel guides I found were from Lonely planet.

And that’s how the story began – from Slovenia, followed the Travel guide to Budapest, Belgium, Czech and Slovak Republics until more recently Japan and Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Any particular travel guide you liked best? Or your favourite one?

It is a hard choice, but I would say the Japan Travel Guide has so far been my favourite. It is extremely well-organized, with extremely useful information and you can very easily get an insight into the history, main sights and culture of all the places you want to visit.

Furthermore, for first time Japan visitors (as it was my case), it is the Bible: right on the very first pages you have a proposal for a 14-day or 21-day Japan tour for first time visitors, which has inspired me in my Japan intrarail experience

I am a very careful and well-organized traveller. I am that kind of person who creates a Word travel guide including what to see/visit/main attractions/where to eat, etc for every day of the journey in order to enjoy the most of every trip. Obviously I like the surprise element and do not always abide 100% by my plan, however I always enjoy having a general idea on what to do on a particular destination (Austrian blood you may argue). Definitely the Japan Travel Guide by Lonely Planet has helped me in having a blast and having everything planned well ahead of my flight!

So, dear fancy travellers why don’t you have a look at the the Japan Travel Guide by Lonely Planet and even buy it to check that out and start planning your Japan trip? I guarantee you will need lots of careful planning, from buying the Intrarail Pass to booking well in advance your accommodation in Kyoto. But now you do not have to worry, because the Fancy Explorer and Lonely Planet are here to make your travel life easier 🙂

See you around fancy travellers, stay safe and enjoy your break!