For those of you who follow me on Instagram, two of my most recents posts have been about Budapest, the pearl of the Danube.

I chose to recall my Budapest memories, since this time last year I was precisely in Budapest attending a training course. I had the chance of staying one week, however as we know the beautiful imperial capital of Hungary is one the most favourite destinations for a long weekend in Europe.

Even though you have already seen the most iconic elements for your stay at my post let’s take a look at the best Budapest can offer you in a weekend. More precisely, I will devote more attention to the thermal baths, since it is one of the major attractions in Budapest. To that end I will compare 3 main thermal baths and explain you the reasons behind my choices.

Are you ready for your fancy journey to Budapest? Let’s go and find out!

Budapest panorama

The best of Budapest for a fancy weekend and the best thermal baths to visit in Budapest

You have already seen in my post on Instagram that Budapest is divided in 2 parts: Buda and Pest by the Danube river

Buda district is the castle district, as well as the location of the beautiful Fishermans Bastiona set of balconies overlooking Budapest and one of the top Budapest attractions.  There is no better place to contemplate the ex-libris Hungarian Parliament (the impressive neo-Gothic façade you see on the picture above). This complex was built in the 19th century and the real castle walls that characterize it allow you to take fantastic photos. I would say at dawn or sunset are the best time for amazing pictures.

Fishermans Bastion

The Szechenyi Chain Bridge or Lion Bridge (because of the lion sculptures) divides these two parts.

Szechenyi Chain Bridge or Lion Bridge

Pest district is also very interesting and home to other iconic monuments of Budapest such as the Hungarian Parliament (whose tickets you can buy here) It is the largest building in Hungary, the seat of the National Assembly and with its incredible neo-Gothic façade one of Budapest’s landmarks.

Hungarian Parliament

Hungarian Parliament

Beyond the Hungarian Parliament, other important sights to visit in Pest include:

Great Synagogue

St. Stephen’s Basilica

The foodie spot in Budapest to try some of the very typical Hungarian delicacies, such as their very tasty and spicy salamis.

The best Thermal baths in Budapest and Check-List to visit Thermal baths

No visit in Budapest can be complete without its landmark Thermal baths. It is definitely an important part of Hungarian culture – since the 1930s and you can see that it is quite normal for a Hungarian citizen to relax and chill at one of their thermal baths after a long day at work (since they close around 9 pm it is ideal).

After a long stroll throughout the city, I can guarantee it is the best treat you can have!

In order to plan your visit to the baths, let me share with you some tips:

  • Tickets are for the whole day (on average €15-20) and since there are some areas to explore on a thermal bath, make sure you are not in a rush and enjoy the visit at its most. After all, the main purpose is to relax 😉  Furthermore, as some of their baths are real masterpieces, I can guarantee you will need some minutes to take pictures and contemplate their beauty;
  • You will choose the type of ticket according to the areas you want to explore in the baths and you will be given a bracelet accordingly (different colours apply). Make sure you NEVER forget your bracelet, as it is the only way how to enter and exit the baths;
  • You can buy tickets in advance online but it is enough to buy onsite (except of course if you go on a weekend or holiday period, in that case I would recommend booking in advance);
  • Obvious: Take swimsuits and towels;
  • Chill out!

And now that you know what to take into consideration on a Thermal bath visit, let’s check the BEST THERMAL BATHS IN BUDAPEST according to our fancy criteria:


On Buda Side:

Gellert Hotel

A city landmark and to me the most beautiful ones from an architectonic point of view. Once you enter it, you do truly travel back to the Roman times.

It is located on the iconic Hotel Gellert, however non-hotel guests can also enter it (even hotel guests have to pay an entrance fee). Some of its spa areas are decorated in an Art Nouveau style, which make it a complete masterpiece. Suitable both in Winter and in the Summer months.

View from outdoor pool in Rudas baths

These baths have a wide variety of indoor pools, but also an outdoor pool with panoramic view (check the picture above!)  You heard that right, can you imagine chilling at this pool while contemplating Budapest panorama? It is heaven! Suitable both in Winter and in the Summer months.

On Pest Side:

One of the best attractions in Budapest and one of the largest spa baths in Europe. These baths are more well-known for their 3 grand outdoor pools and night pool disco parties. For that reason, I recommend them for your visit during Spring or Summer.

You have surely seen my fancy Checkist for a memorable visit to Budapest at my post, but for those of you who do not follow me yet, a brief overview:

  • Visit the Thermal Baths (especially Gellert, Szechenyi and Rudas);

  • Stroll from the Lion’s Bridge towards Buda;

  • Visit Buda district;

  • Have lunch in Buda at the Michelin-guide restaurat PIERROT;

  • Have tea time at GERBEAUD CAFE;

Inside Gerbeaud Cafe

Gerbeaud Cafe

  • Visit Rooftop Bar at 360 BAR;

  • Take a Boat trip at night

  • Do not miss the Jewish quarter and cuisine

What do you think of these fancy tips, dear fancy travellers? Hope you will take note of them for your next Budapest trip! Let me know your thoughts and share them with me!

See you and stay safe, fancy travellers!